Our portfolio of projects

KYOTOenergy's mission on the supply side consists of identifying, originating and to commercialise Green "emission reductions" or "guarantees of origin" from projects.

On the demand side, we provide advisory services and retail offsets and certificates to the industry to achieve mandatory or voluntary objectives.

Under our Project Asset Management activity, we manage a large portfolio of renewable energy projects and enjoy exclusive rights to commercialise the credits/certificates generated from our projects for up to 21 years. KYOTOenergy either buys directly the credits or broker the sale with the secondary market players or compliance buyers.

KYOTOenergy is a leading CDM project developer (ranked 'top 17' by UNEP-Riso) with the largest portfolio of EU-eligible 'green' offsets projects in the Mekong region (>720 MW of renewable energy installed).

KYOTOenergy is also registered as market participant and registrant with the I-REC standard.