Ranked 'top 17' by UNEP-Riso, KYOTOenergy is world leading CDM consultants and provides services across the entire CDM cycle:

  • Project evaluation: we perform the necessary audit to indentify offsets opportunities or review the compliance of a project with various accreditation standards (CDM/VCS, etc).
  • Project Design Document (PDD): the drafting of the PDD with information on essential technical and organisational aspects of the project activity is a key input for the validation and registration of the project as required under a relevant standard. The PDD contains information on the approved baseline methodology, additionality, sustainable development criteria, stakeholders consultation and the applied monitoring concept, including monitoring data and calculation methods.
  • Assistance during Validation: once the PDD is ready, it must be validated by an approved Operational Entity. Clarifications that may arise from the validation process must be properly and promptly addressed.
  • Host Country approval (for CDM projects): a Letter of Authorisation (LoA) must be requested from the Designated National Authority (DNA) which represents the local government handling CDM matters in the host country. This approval will be represented by a DNA 'support letter', which together with the validated PDD are submitted to complete the registration procedure.

We have considerable experience in the following sectors:

  1. Renewable energy projects: wind farms, hydropower & geothermal projects, biomass cogeneration
  2. Energy efficiency improvement projects
  3. Methane recovery from wastewater (biogas to energy)
  4. Methane avoidance by controlled combustion
  5. Methane avoidance by (aerobic) composting

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Once a project is approved by a relevant registry (CDM, VCS, etc.), emission reductions can be earned but are subject to the proper monitoring activities of the project.

  • Internal Monitoring Plan: we develop internal guidelines based on the 'as built' project and provide on-site training to ensure compliance of the monitoring activities with CDM requirements.
  • Monitoring: quarterly or at shorter interval, we perform an audit of the monitored parameters and report the performance of the CDM projects including recommendations to solve the indentified problems.
  • Periodic Verification: we prepare the monitoring report and manage its verification throughout the entire process.

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