Our references

KYOTOenergy currently monitors the carbon assets of a large portfolio of projects registered under the Clean Development Mechanism, representing over 30 million tCO2e in the first crediting period alone. These projects are located in South East Asia and Latin America and include a range of technologies covering biomass cogeneration, methane capture, hydropower, energy efficiency and composting of agricultural waste.

To date we registered 60 projects in 8 countries:

  • Vietnam (41): hydropower plants and wind farms (ranging from 2 to 80 MW)
  • Malaysia (7): biomass/biogas to heat & power, co-composting, hydropower plants
  • Indonesia (4): biogas to power
  • Guatemala (4): biogas to power, co-composting
  • Argentina (1): biomass cogeneration
  • Thailand (1): biogas to energy
  • Singapore (1): heat recovery
  • Philippines (1): geothermal power plant

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