Energy Management

Energy Management is an imperative for all companies, particularly those in energy intensive industries. However, rather than be seen as a new administrative and operational burden, this can be viewed as a doorway to opportunities. Energy savings, unlike increases in revenue, go straight to a company’s bottom line. By taking the initiative to implement a rigorous Energy Management System and identify opportunities for improvement, companies may also be able to take advantage of incentive schemes such as tax credits, interest free loans, or grants.

KYOTOenergy offers a wide variety of Energy Management Services, tailored to the different needs of customers:

  • Energy Audit
  • Energy Management System Development and Implementation
  • Outsourced Energy Management
  • Energy Efficiency Project Implementation

Energy Audit

An Energy Audit can be seen as the first step towards Energy Management – allowing companies to clearly understand their current status for both energy management and energy efficiency. Audits can also lead to the identification of measures for instant savings or larger opportunities that merit further investigation.

The aims of an Energy Audit may include the following:

  • Develop a detailed Energy Profile for the company/facility including
    - The “big picture” view of overall energy consumption and cost
    - A baseline energy consumption (and optionally Greenhouse Gas Emissions) for target setting for improvement and/or comparison with other facilities
  • Describe the current maturity of Energy Management practices and procedures
  • Identify measures for energy consumption or cost savings including operational improvements and/or technical solutions
  • Meet legal reporting requirements
  • Track the effectiveness of implemented measures

KYOTOenergy will tailor the scope of the Energy Audit based on the needs of clients – from a basic audit to meet regulatory requirements to an intensive Investment Grade Audits for large potential projects such as waste heat recovery or cogeneration.

Energy Management System Development and Implementation

A proper Energy Management System is critical to define and support a company’s efforts to optimize its Energy Profile and will include:

  • An ambitious, yet realistic, Energy Policy defining energy performance indicators, high level energy objectives
  • Full support within the organization with management buy-in
  • Well defined mechanisms for monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Documentation and reporting procedures in line with corporate and legal requirements
  • Proper integration with company policies and procedures
  • Well designed capacity development material

KYOTOenergy works with companies to develop tailored Energy Management Systems based on the ISO 50001 standard but designed to work in the real world. A typical implementation framework is provided for reference below:

Energy Management System Development