Climate change & renewable energy

Since 2002, KYOTOenergy embraced the fight against ‘climate change’ by developing environmental sustainability solutions with its clients. We advise businesses, governments and the public sector to develop their strategies and meet their objectives by originating and procuring energy & environmental attributes to reduce their carbon footprint.

Products & services

On the supply side, our mission consists of identifying, originating and to trading "environmental & energy attributes"  from renewable energy projects located mainly Asia and Latin America.

On the demand side, we provide advisory & procurement services to achieve mandatory or voluntary objectives (carbon neutrality and renewable energy claims).

Our extensive track record to develop and manage a portfolio of 60 Clean Development Mechanism projects across various countries, sectors and industries translated into the accumulation of a multidisciplinary expertise in the following fields:


  • Energy Attributes Certificates (EACs, I-RECs, TIGRs, RECs)
  • Carbon offsets (CDM, VCS)


  • Carbon neutrality demonstration
  • Renewable Electricity usage claims
  • Feasibility study/Technical advisory/Due diligence
  • Project development