Stakeholder consultation for Gold Standard CDM projects

As part of the CDM registration process, stakeholders must be consulted during the planning of a CDM project activity and a summary of the comments received has to be provided.

"Stakeholders" means the public, including individuals, groups or communities affected, or likely to be affected, by the proposed clean development mechanism project activity (3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 1(e)).

This website provides one media to collect comments from stakeholders and to make results publicy available to stakeholders in a readily accessible format.

In case of Gold Standard CDM registration, full project documentation must be publicly available for two months prior to validation in a readily accessable form, including:

  • The original and complete PDD
  • A non-technical summary of the project design document (in appropriate local language(s))
  • All relevant supporting information (if available in appropriate languae(s); additional, non-tranlsated information must be made available as well and shall be translated to the local language upon any justified request of a stakeholder)
  • During the consultation period the project develop should respond to comments and questions by  interested stakeholders

Following projects are applying for the Gold Standard label: 


What is the Gold Standard?

The Gold Standard Foundation offers a quality label to CDM/JI and voluntary offset projects, fetching premium prices. Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects with sustainable development benefits are eligible. The Gold Standard is endorsed by over 49 non-governmental organizations worldwide. Gold Standard projects are preferred by a range of government and private actors.

Initiated by WWF, SSN and HELIO International the Gold Standard for CDM projects was launched in 2003 after a wide-ranging stakeholder consultation among key actors of the carbon market as well as governments. A methodology for voluntary offset projects was launched in May 2006.

Special credits go to the authors of the Gold Standard CDM methodology, Mozaharaul Alam, Bert Dalusung, Liu Deshung, Emilio LaRovere, Holger Liptow, Liam Salter, Agus Sari, Steve Thorne, Harald Winkler and Steve Bernow (+2003) as well as to all those that contributed by giving comments.

The Gold Standard is a non-profit foundation under Swiss Law and funded by public and private donors.